[Review] Acnes Natural Care Yoghurt Touch Face Wash


I’m the type of person who will try new facial wash and stick to it at the moment and try another ones. And I’ve been loving Acnes Natural Care Yoghurt Touch Face Wash!

This creamy facial wash is made for acne prone skin, but I think it is also good for all  skin types because of its natural ingredients. It has natural active ingredient combined with Yoghurt Extract, vitamins, and Aloe Extract. In the tube it says it keeps skin moist and healthy.

My take on this product: it moisturizes my skin well. The lather is soft and has a bit sour-y scent, perhaps because of the yoghurt extract. For cleansing it’s good, but I recommend to still cleanse the makeup with makeup remover first, like cleansing oil or cream. The face wash nourishes well, too. My skin looks brighter and clean and surely does not dry after using this. And again, it does not break me out. For treating texture, I don’t see any difference before or after I use this for a month. My bumps and scars are still there. But yes, I feel my skin a bit smoother. That is with the help of using skincare regularly, and I have been using this as part of my routine.

All in all, it is a good facial wash especially for acne prone skin or oily skin. This cheap wash is my choice for its cleansing power and natural ingredients product at the moment.

This face wash is not part of Acnes Treatment Series. I believe it’s newer, since I bought this last December and the other one, the Complete White. I absolutely love this. I will repurchase it after using the other one.


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