November’s Favorites


It’s December now, and I’m facing rainy season…

Let’s start with last month’s favorites! And excuse my messy dressing table, I haven’t managed my cosmetics because lately i rushed a lot and just leave anything like that.


Now that I enjoy everytime I put on make-up, whenever I do not running late or slowly touching up, I start to do contouring and applying blush. Believe me, this Revlon Naturally Glamorous Blush On in 02 Tawny Peach is my very first blush and I do like it. It’s a coral pink shade that looks sheer on my cheeks. I only need to apply this a little because I don’t want to look completely on or clown-ish. As for contouring, I use NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation in 10 Caramel. I bought this because at first I wanted to try NYX stay matte range and I went for the powder foundation. I asked the store clerk which color that looks natural on my face and she said number 10. But heeeey this is way darker for my skin tone! I should have bought number 6 or 7, but she gave me this instead. So yeah, I was disappointed. But then I found this color is great for contouring. That way I’m less upset ^^ Next is L’oreal Paris Glam Shine Balmy Gloss inย  909 Pomegranate Punch. Sorry, I forgot to take it out from my pouch for the 2nd photo so it is not there. But I do love that lip crayon! It is a nice cherry red stain with shimmers. If I do not want to use that, I turn to Maybelline Baby Lips Love Color in Berry Crush. They both have the same color, only baby lips looks more sheer with no shimmers. I apply it everytime for healthy moistured-look lips! For formal occasion, this month I mostly use Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in 130 Rose Velvet from my Lippies Collection.

Continue to skincare’s favorites last month, my favorite moisturizer is this little fellow Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream. Up until today I’m in dry skin phase, though not much acnes acting up, but my face turns dry and flaky. Nivea soft saves me from dryness and this cream feels light. Love! At night, I cleanse my face with Shinzu’i Anti Acne Facial Wash. This cream wash cleanses away dirts and make-ups. It also has soft beads to exfoliate skin. I love this two-in-one. Lastly, my current favorite scent is the musk of The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose Fragrance Mist! I’m head over heels for this mist lol Just look at the bottle! It’s a glass bottle with deep purple color. The mist is floral, the combination of musk, black smoky rose, and tobacco flower (more explanation here). My rainy season scent! And I think it’s perfect for night occasions or fall-winter season.

For next post, I’ve been thinking to make some reviews…ha ha ha, I finally want to make reviews. I think about this a lot, truthfully. Well, I browsed many beauty blogs to read reviews, but I couldn’t find some things that I looked for. So I got this in mind: If i could purchase those makeups, why not write something about it? And that’s how this mind to make reviews come…

Hopefully I can post some of them soon!!

Have a nice Sunday!


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