Lippies Collection!

Lippies Collection

In the previous post I said I wanted to make a post  about my collection of lippies right? Here it is!

I’ve been into lippies lately… Well, not just lately, but almost everytime I go to beauty stores, the first thing I will check on first is the lipsticks. I don’t know, I just really love to see various colors and the packaging. And mostly I cannot resist! But so far I’m banning myself from The Body Shop’s Colour Crush, since I’ve been wanting to get some of them but apparently they’re a bit pricey for me at the moment, so yeah…

Let’s jump to my collection!

Lip Stash

It’s not too many….but my friends are awed to see how many lippies I have in stash now /lol

So I divide these into 3 parts

The first ones are lip balms

Lippies - lip balms

Personally, I would go buy all kinds of lip balms out there because lip balms are my go-to lippies, a must have! I use lip balms everyday and every night before I go to sleep. Lip balms will help you to get your lips moisturized and soft. I apply it on my lips and leave it over night, the next morning I’ll get a soft and smooth lips and apply lipsticks or tints without worry. I also use them as lip base before I swap lipstick to have sheerer color and feel moisturized.

My most favorite balms so far are Maybelline Baby Lips, as you can see I have the original Antioxidant Berry and two tinted colors Berry Crush and Coral Flush. I love how moisturizing they are and especially the color ones, they leave pretty tinted lips! While I use Antioxidant Berry as my lip base most of the time.

I also love Nivea Fruity Shine Cherry lip balm so much! It gives a nice tinted red color which compliments my lips to look natural. I’ve purchased another one, in case I run out this one. I use The Body Shop Born Lippy Watermelon as top coat when I put lip tints on. The watermelon scent is so fresh and sometimes I drool because of that *whoopsies!

Next, lip crayons and tints

Lippies - lip crayons and tints

Lip crayons are my favorites since it’s like I’m coloring my lips with big crayon sticks without being afraid it will get me poisoned! ha ha~

I have two Korean brand lip tints, Etude House Rosy Tint Lips, a matte lip tint which included in my last month’s favorites, and Peri’s Tint water. I almost finish Peri’s tint water! And I also have purchased another one because I love this tint ^^

Another tints are Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous and Romantic, but I used them back in Summer or Dry Season here in Indonesia. Oh, not to forget Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm in Oversized Orange that’s also in my collection.

My current purchase is L’oreal Glam Shine Balmy Gloss in 909 Pomegranate Punch. It’s dark pink-red with shimmers and leaves pigmented cherry shade. It is also moisturizing. Definitely this month’s favorite!

Lastly, the lipsticks!

Lippies - lipsticks

Two Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick in 130 Rose Velvet and 240 Sandalwood Beige. My favorite for everyday lipstick is Rose Velvet. The color is more like ‘my lips but better’. It’s medium pink or I don’t know how to say it, but I can say it’s a natural pink and perfect for yellow tanned skin like me. The 240 is also good beige, peachy color if you don’t want to use pink.

The other three are Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. I have Bold Matte in MAT 5 which is my favorite for this fall! It’s reddish pink matte lipstick. I use it with gradient lips look, so I don’t have my lips fully in red. But it’s up to you how you like to wear it.

Color Sensational Lipstick 215 Totally Toffee is nude lipstick for me, while 275 Crazy for Coffee is brownish nude and naturally brown on my lips. These two aren’t really my favorites, but whenever I need to wear nude lipsticks, I’d go to these two.


There’s a last lippie I forget to mention earlier, a lip gloss! It’s The Body Shop Lip Gloss in Lychee. I purchased this one since it looks good on my lips when I tried it at TBS store, but the gloss is quite runny, so I don’t like to bring it with me. And it has lychee scent, which I love a lot. It comes in a tube packaging that pretty much reminds me of the old Maybelline Fruity Jelly lip gloss, my very first lip  gloss back in junior high.

Now you’ve seen my lippies collection!

I’m planning on finishing them one by one before purchasing another lippies…but hopefully not in the nearest future! *cry

What’s your favorite lippies? For me at the moment is definitely lip tints.

Have a good day!


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