In The Mood for (Japanese) Goods!

I’ve always been wanting to write about this, but I keep forgetting my wordpress blog TmT so sorry…

I update my tumblr like, everyday everytime. But really, that blog merely ‘me’ being too honest about stuff and like I’m trashing there mostly anime/manga lol

Speaking of anime/manga that I haven’t updated for awhile, I just want to share some of my animanga stuff I got recently.

Firstly, is this.


my beloved Teppei casing phone!

I bought this with the help of Nanairo Anime Shop, who kindly helped me with ordering and shipping stuff. If you’re Indonesian otaku and wants to buy animanga stuff outside, you can try to ask her on this facebook page ^^

It is obvious, Seirin is my favorite team in Kuroko no Basket….and Kiyoshi Teppei orz

Okay, moving on, I got these.


To be honest, I don’t know what character my nendoroid is. I got it from my aunt’s trip to Japan several months ago. She bought me this cutie because she knew I’m into animanga. This is my first nendoroid, I’m so happy!

And Kuroko no Basket manga vol.22. I bought it on a whim lol! Me and my siblings went to Kinokuniya at Jakarta and found this latest volume. I can’t even read it because IT IS IN JAPANESE but I still bought anyway. It was like it tempted me to buy it *cough*

It is about $8 I think? I bought it for IDR 80K at Kinokuniya PIM 2. Quite pricey, but I’m content ^^

The last thing I got recently


(sorry for the bad quality pict!)

Kuroko no Basket gashapon set! Again, thanks to Nanairo! I put Teppei to my phone, my phone is now some kind of Teppei…*i fangirl Teppei too much TvT*

So yeah, these are my anime/manga collection. Now you know I’m so into Kuroko no Basket! *blush*

Next time I wanna buy something about Gintama or Free! But remembering I also need to save my allowance, I REALLY NEED TO NOTE ACCOUNT OTL

But really, if you’re an avid fan of any series, you’ll know how I feel being a die-hard fan *sobs* you buy things and you know you’ll broke later but you still feel like you’re satisfied lol or that’s just me . . .

Next up I’m planning to review or just writing something about Free! or my rambling about it, or Karneval since I rewatch the series….

In the mean time I need to get myself cured from flu~

So see you next time! :3


6 thoughts on “In The Mood for (Japanese) Goods!

  1. Sulpherdioxide says:

    Hee, another kurobasu fans ! Nice to meet you~
    Gah, you had a Teppei gashapon? It’s kinda rare to see non miragen merchandise T_T

    Speaking of gashapon, did you know multi toy store had released miragen teiko version in jakarta and depok?

    • Minnie says:

      hello there!
      yep, Teppei is my favorite and all I did was searching for him the entire webstore TmT
      by any chance, are you Indonesian? I’ve never checked any anime store in Jakarta because I don’t reside there, but if you want to look up gashapon from intl webstore, you can get help from Nanairo as I mentioned ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sulpherdioxide says:

    Lol, yep. I’m an Indonesian ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks for the information about nanairo! I’ll check it out! XD

    Iya, tinggalnya di Jakarta. Hehe, kalau online shop kadang satu setnya suka mahal, jd saya suka iseng cek gashapon2 di multi pim2. Akhir2 ini di multi sama mini-market lawson suka ada gashapon kurobas. Menggoda iman amat TT_TT

    • Minnie says:

      iya, karena masih harus di-kurs ke rupiah dan shipping fee-nya itu yang suka bikin aku pengen nangis kalo mau merch anime dr luar TvT
      Wah, aku harus cek juga nih kalo ke PIM! Skarang sudah ada anime shop ya di sana?
      Kalo Lawson ada di mana ya?

  3. Sulpherdioxide says:

    Ah iya, yg bikin mahal shipping fee-nya. Kalo di jpn-nya sendiri sih satu gashapon “cuma” 200 yen ^^;

    Multi itu lbh tepatnya toys shop sih (g cuma anime aja), tp suka ada mesin gashaponnya juga. Kalo di pim adanya di lantai 3 south skywalk dari arah PIM 1.

    Baru2 ini gashapon kurobas adanya yg seri teppei-aomine-momoi-kuroko-takao-kise yg itu ^^;
    Terus yg link-up mascot kuroko-kagami-kise-kasamatsu-takao-midorima. Tp kalau di sini gashapon kurobas itu sebulan-dua bulan udah cepat habis -_-

    Lawson itu mini market dr jpg sih, jd kalau yg besar suka ada mesin gashapon juga. Waktu itu lihat di Lawson tanah kusir ada seri kuroko-kagami-aomine-riko-nigou, sama gashapon pokemon, madoka magica, tiger & bunny, dan working! Mungkin kalau di kota tempat tinggal minnie-san ada lawson yg cukup besar bisa iseng di cek (tiap outlet gashaponnya beda sih )

    Maaf ya komennya malah panjang n ttg gashapon begini >_<

  4. Minnie says:

    no no no, I’m glad i can talk to someone about anime merch ^^
    sayangnya di kota tempat tinggalku saat ini belum ada Lawson (maklum anak rantauan hehee), tapi ada beberapa toko anime merch. Saat ini kalo lihat knb merch via web aja..
    Terima kasih infonya! ๐Ÿ™‚ aku harap kita bisa ngobrol2 lagi soal anime

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