August’s Make-up Favorites

I’m currently busy writing and translating so I forget that I must write something on my blog, too.

Okay, remember that I also wanted to write something about makeup since I’ve been enthusiastically interested in makeups? Well, now I’m writing one.

Makeups have been my go to routine I cannot leave every morning. Skin care routine is a must, then makeup to refresh your look.

I have some makeup favorites that I’ve been using for more than a month, actually. But I think to put in on my August’s favorites.


From left to right:

1. Maybeliine mascara Magnum Volume Express

At first I wanna buy that Falsies one, but the counter I came to ran out of it, so I bought this. A very nice mascara, makes my eyes look bigger and bolder.

2. Etude House Surprise Concealer

My first concealer and I love it! It does cover my redness and acnes. It smells a bit fruity, I think? But the scent does not bother me. I’m tempted to try the stick once I finish this.

3. Holika holika Luminous Silk BB Cream

For me, the coverage is almost medium, I can hide my blemishes only by using this. It does makes my skin looks a bit luminous yet dries on my face quickly. But I love using this after Surprise concealer,ย  makes my skin looks much better!

4. Acnes UV Tint

I’ve been using this for the last three months since I have severe breakouts during my last period. It is a light-weight UV lotion that almost like tinted moisturizer with sheer color. I must say, for acne-prone skin type, go try this one ^^

5. on top of Acnes UV Tint, The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Spot Care

Too bad it’s only came 12 patches inside, I should’ve bought more! My current favorite acne patch, I use it when I want to apply heavy makeups. It also takes care of your acnes, so no worries!

6. Acnes Oil Control Film

A must-have oil film when you have breakouts.

7. Maybelline Baby Lips Color Balm in Coral Flush

I can’t get enough of this! Definitely will purchase another ones!

8. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm in Oversized Orange

Honestly, this is my first Clinique makeup I purchased by myself. You know how expensive Clinique can be since its high-end quality. But I’m happy I decided to buy this, I don’t have to put on lipstick anymore.

9. Etude House Dear Darling Lip Tint in 02 Real Red

I’m obsessed with lip tints recently! I’ve purchased Peri’s tint and another Dear Darling Tint.

10. The Body Shop Loose Powder in 03

My go-to loose powder. It’s my 3rd purchase. LOVE!

11. Wardah Lightening Two Way Cake in 02 Golden Beige

I bought the Light Feel one, I just knew it has medium coverage version, too! I have my eyes on Wardah Cosmetics, I’ll probably buy other series. Very good compact powder, I keep it well in my bag.


That’s the beauty products I’ve been using to keep me have a nice look. I’m not the expert on beauty, I just love to buy and share what I have. It’s more like a small review on those products, well, that’s just how I love them.

I will post more about beauty products I have, let me know if you want review!

And definitely another anime/manga post, I don’t have time to write one orz


Until next time! ^^


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