Current Situation (and toothache! T~T)

I’m sorry I didn’t post any writings lately, my current condition is in between unhappy and a little bit oppressed.

Okay, a lot.

Last week I handed in my finished graduating paper to my GP instructor for her to see. I mentioned before I had a terrible sore throat and away from campus for almost more than a month. But I thought that would be fine since she asked me to finish the paper first then she would examine it later. So I took my chance.

But sadly, it was rejected.

She said my theory was supposed to be broken down more and the analysis wasn’t right. I did carefully read the theory and did the best to analyze it clearly. Unfortunately, she didn’t approve.

She asked me to use other theory and find a concept for my paper, which means I HAVE TO START OVER.

I don’t know, I was so heart-broken and then at night weeping on my Granny’s call and told her I’m afraid I can’t go back home soon and must finish this new one (IN A WEEK, if I still want to graduate on August)

And here I am now, instead of analyzing more of the new theory that I haven’t finished reading it, writing my ranting on my blog. I feel both lost and at loss. I called my Dad and said to him I’m sorry for making it longer and now that O have to start again, I would make him disappointed. He finally said it’s okay, but still wanted me to try my hardest to graduate this year. He cheered me up, though, which made me sobbing more.

I know I still have to do the best and fight hard.

Pardon me rambling. I’ll update this blog soon as I finish writing paper OR when I feel like I need to runaway from it for a while *wink*


Have a great day everyone! Oh, and happy fasting to all muslim fellows!





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