The Liebster Awards and My (Silly) Facts!

Okay, I can’t believe a dear friend of mine, Riris, would nominate me in The Liebster Award!


Hahaaa seriously, I’m not an active blogger that write here daily, though I know I have many things to write about. But I’m active as a reader. I read her blog too, and she’s so inspiring! She writes with her beautiful language and I don’t know I really like read her blog about anything, so you can check her blog ๐Ÿ™‚




Anyway,ย  I’m quite new to this award, so in Riris’s blog there are several rules you must follow for receiving the award:

– List 11 random facts about yourself

– Answer the questions designed by the blogger who nominated you

– Place your nominations for The Liebster Awards! Nominate five or more bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comments or e-mail, etc.

– Make a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer

– Display The Liebster Award batch on your blog!


Soooo here are my 11 random facts:

1. I read manga A LOT. A lot, by means that I can go to manga online everyday just to read random manga, or manga that I’ve been following to see latest updates or read new manga. I consider that as one of my entertainments since there’s nothing else I do when I’m at dorm.

2. I’m a tumblr-addict. I also tumblr-ing ALMOST everyday if it’s not everyday. I mostly reblog posts from the blogs I follow. The posts are various, not just about anime or manga but also gifsets of movies, quotes, audio, and anything I find informative and funny.

3. I’m a hardcore seiyuu fan. Ha ha, this one sounds funny even for me, but really, once I like a seiyuu, I may google him to know his/her everything, though it’s only birthday and their roles. I can even start to watch anime only because they voice a role there. But recently I’ve been restraining myself to listen less drama cd especially with the dummy head mic because that’s bad for my heart *flail*

4. I’m a loner. I can stay in my room and not talking to anyone the whole day, or maybe just to say something important. I like having company, but maybe just one or two. You can tell I don’t have many friends. That’s true, but I do have some close friends that I can talk anything to and they’re very honest people. But I’d love to make new friends. Having another ones are surely nice thing.

5. I will always grateful to have such a lovely grandmother. She’s my inspiration, my biggest motivation, and the most love one for me. I’ve been with her since I was 2, and she’s the role of mother in my life. No one can never care for me as much as her. I mean, for now. She’s always been there for me, even when I’mย  sick and I called her or text her at 2 in the morning, she always replies. To me, she’s the place where I can go home. So I always pray for her that she’ll stay healthy and live long ๐Ÿ™‚

6. I dreamed to be a voice actor or musician. Though now I’m not sure if I still want to be musician or voice actor anymore, I think deep down I still hope I can. Since I was a kid I love reading stories or manga outloud and pretend like I’m one of the characters there. Now that I’m more into anime, I can say I still want to live that dream on.

7. I can’t live without music. I have more than 400 songs in my music player and still think to put in more. I listen to songs based on my mood, so anything is possible. I love mostly pop, RnB, hip-hop, electronica, alternative rock, anything that good to my ears.

8. I love the scent of new books. Previously I had wrote that in my post, but I guess I can say that again. I really like paperback books since it’s lighter and easy to carry in my bags. Being alone in bookshop and wandering around the books is my favorite thing to do ^^ I can spend hours just to see what’s new and choose books when I go alone.

9. I like it when the rain stops. This may sounds weird, but I love the weather after the rain stops falling. The day gets colder but the sky’s bright again. I can smell the crisp scent of wet grass. The raindrops on flowers look beautiful and imagining those things somehow makes me feel better. You can have a warm cup of milk tea or coffee and enjoy the rest of your day.

10. I would prefer sneakers than any high heels in the world. LOL seriously, if only sneakers be used in any occasions, I’d have wore it all the time! My mother even asked me why I don’t have any women shoes like flats or heels. I do have them, but I just never really wear them. To me, I’d rather have a nice, comfy sneakers than use high-heeled wedges but it hurts my feet. Now that I’m in my 20s, my mother and granny start telling me to buy heels *sigh*

11. Secretly obsessed with skincares and makeups. Well, I’m a nearly woman in early 20s and start to think that I must take care and know myself inside and out, so look good is one of the way. I don’t want people to look at me and disgusted because I know exactly why. I don’t have what people called ‘natural beauty’ orz. I have acne prone skin, and it can get worse when I’m at my monthly period thanks to these damn hormones. So yeah, I learn to use makeups by myself and often watch video tutorials.


I hope those facts are not weird *flush*

Okay, this time I’ll answer question from januarain:

Is there any song(s) in your playlist that you just canโ€™t remove (though you barely listen to it nowadays?) What is it and why?

I have hundreds in my playlist and to be honest, I sometimes having a hard time when it comes to updating my playlist. Since I have to spare some memory space for other things in phone, I would end up deleting some songs and put in new ones. Some songs that I think I can’t remove are The Script’s Nothing, OLDCODEX’s songs, and Stephen Curtis Chapman’s Cinderella. That one song from The Script was my theme when I was broken heart. The lyrics hit me till I cried a lot. I don’t cry anymore but I still love that song. OLDCODEX is my favorit J-Rock band and I don’t think I can remove them from my playlist. Though I don’t listen to them all the time but I just need them in my playlist. As for Cinderella, the song is my favorite. It reminds me a lot of my dad. How I hope my dad would think of me like that. The song is beautiful, you can check that here.


If you met yourself as a different soul, would you like yourself? Why?

Perhaps no? I think myself whole as I am right now, and I can’t imagine myself as a different soul, or different person. I don’t see myself perfect, I’m glad I am what I am now, since I receive so many love from people around me ๐Ÿ™‚


List three movies that left deep impacts on you.

Whoa this is hard LOL. I watched so many great movies and I have to choose, they left me different impacts and thoughts. But i have to make 3 so…

1. Kotonoha no Niwa


image from this blog

I just reviewed that anime some time ago, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH! All I can say is, we never know when love will come approaching us and whom we fall in love with. You must have the courage to embrace it when it’s in front of you and love you sincerely.


2. One Day


image from here

You never realize that happiness is right before your eyes, till it’s gone… That’s my impression of the movie. How Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway act here makes me tearjerking a lot.


3. Patch Adams


image from here

I say people won’t believe me if I said I wanted to be a doctor because of seeing this movie. I don’t think it’s ridiculous, I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to see a movie about medical student struggles to treat patients with humor.


If you could travel to your younger days, what messages or warnings would you like to tell to your younger self? What kind of wisdom and life lesson would you like to impart to her and why?

I might see my 16 year-old me and told her my favorite Domino’s line from the movie: “Never invest too much emotion in one thing. It’s always a set-up to the pain of losing them.” Having a first love is such a wonderful thing, but never let yourself devoured by that affection. The naive me was lost in love and when he dumped me, I was cut to pieces. I bleed and the wound wouldn’t soon healed. I would tell her that you must love yourself genuinely first, in spite of loving someone you knew you could never have commitment with. Though I never knew my first love story would end that way, I guess it gives me lesson to be a better person.


What would you name your first daughter? ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, I always want to have a son or two, but never a daughter LOL IDK but if I had a daughter I would name her Alyssa. Mama once wanted to name me that since she was a huge fan of Alyssa Milano, but I don’t what stopped her from giving me that name, my Dad doesn’t know either *laugh* That’s a pretty name too, so I think I’ll take it for my daughter if I have one.

That’s it. I hope I didn’t answer them too long you may not want to read it kekeke


Anyway, my nominations for The Liebster Award are:

1. Eka. He writes movie revies and poems sometimes in his blog and I adore him! He knows anything about movies and his language in writing poems are wonderful. He also gives recommendations what’s good to watch. Go check and follow his blog!

2. Riris. Is it okay to nominate the person who nominate me? Hahaa I hope it’s okay! She’s truly inspiring, I love her photographs and her writing! I’ve been secretly see her photo collection (gomen, Riris! >__<) Follow her and you can get her updates.

3. If you’re anime or drama cd fans who are so into Kuroko no Basket, you can check and follow grimmfeather for the wonderful translations! ๐Ÿ™‚

4. A good friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful blog. He posts photos and writes his mind beautifully there. Have a look and follow his blog ^^

5. Lita’s blog is one of my favorites! She posts anything her mind speaks. Her blog is simple and pretty. I hope she will write more in the future, I can’t wait for her updates!

6. I nominate my best friend’s blog but she’s currently really busy so she hasn’t updated her blog for almost 2 years! But I really want her to write again since she’s a good writer! Hopefully with this she’ll update her blog again ^^


In case they want to answer my questions, I prepare some!

1. If you had a magic lamp and could have 3 wishes to Genie, what would that be?

2. What song that represents your current self? And why you think that song suits you best?

3. Write 5 things you would carry when you landed in a desert island

4. When was the last time you read a literature and what’s that about?

5. Describe yourself in 3 words.



That’s all about The Liebster Award ^^ I’m sorry if it’s bothering, you can just skip this post~

Have a great Friday!






2 thoughts on “The Liebster Awards and My (Silly) Facts!

  1. januarain says:

    That fact #4 is totally me. HAHA. That’s why I always write “A professional loner” in description box on every site. LOL. I think it’s a tagline for myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    Well, I’ll try to answer those questions anytime soon ^^ Thanks for nominating me anyway!

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