Anime Review: Kotonoha no Niwa



I’ve been staying in my room for a week since I have fever and swollen lymph nodes. Around my neck and jaw is swelling and I hardly eat but I manage to still get some meals.

Anyway, I surfed over some anime online webs and found this movie. The movie is still new, so be careful to read this, I may give you some spoilers.

One word to describe this movie right after I watched it: BEAUTIFUL!

Lately I only watch series that are funny and non-romance since I get easily tired with that kind of genre. But hey, I think I should give this a try. Based on Myanimelist this anime is romance-genre, and it is true. The story is about a high school boy who meets older lady in a garden which he mostly spend his time alone to draw shoes, in which he interested in making ones. At first they only sit there without speaking, but the boy, Takao, starts to notice her, what she eats or what she wears and what she’s thinking. They meet there on rainy days and share mutual feelings.










As the days getting brighter without rains and Takao starts busy with his part-time job, the lady seems to be more lonely and hopes the rain will come again. He later finds out that the lady is one of teachers from his school and quitting her job because of a scandal. Takao makes a fight with seniors who made her quit and then confesses his feeling to the former teacher, Yukino. She rejects him, saying that she’ll soon be moving to her hometown. Takao leaves her alone, while Yukino’s crying since she feels she won’t be good for him. But she realizes she always wants to be with him, so she runs after him. In the end both crying she tells him that she’s saved by him because she always waits for him to be there in the garden on rainy days.

In the final scenes, Takao has made a pair of shoes which probably he presents it for Yukino. Yukino is teaching in her new school and look out at the snow.











The story of the movie is quite simple without twisted plot. It is light and romantic, and surely you’ll be captivated by the sceneries and the animation. I personally love the visuals shown in this movie along with the wonderful music composition. I recommend this to anyone who wants to watch romance movie that is not too long in length and light. It’s just, charming.

At first I thought the anime will be sad, like the last time I watched Hotarubi no Mori e, I didn’t see that Gin would disappear like that, so I have my heart prepared if I would cry a river by this. But I didn’t. Though it is unclear whether they are together or not, I can say that they still keep in touch with each other as I see Takao read letters. So It’s a good end.

And again as a seiyuu fan, this is my first time to listen Inoue Suguru’s voice again after Katekyo Hitman Reborn! His voice slightly changed from his voicing Yamamoto, but I like it! Both Irino Miyu and Hanazawa Kana did great job in voicing the main characters, I adore them more ^^


That is my short review on Kotonoha no Niwa or The Garden of Words.

Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo




5 thoughts on “Anime Review: Kotonoha no Niwa

  1. Leonard says:

    Nice review! It conveys, the gentleness of the piece, and its intense romanticism. The anime is visually stunning, and makes great use of symbolism to express the two people’s feelings at various times, I would have mentioned that.

  2. woodykiddy says:

    I think the movie is actually pretty emotional, at least to me, I almost had tears running in my eyes the minuet I saw them holding each other, crying together. A very touching moment, of forgiveness and happiness..

    The story could have ended right here, which would be a perfect happy ending, but instead kept on going, telling a bit more about their lives after they departed. There might be some uncertainties about whether or not they would really be together again. But I guess that’s something left for them to decide.(or in reality, the director, Makoto Shinkai)

    • Minnie says:

      I almost cried too, though in the end I didn’t.
      The story could’ve been told us more about the couple, but I’m okay with this. It is our choice to believe whether they’re still together or not. I’m happy they have confessed their feelings.
      Thank you for your comment 🙂

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