Short Animes Review, It’s Three!

Okay, I want to make short review on some animes I’ve been currently watching this spring.



I read the manga and I have to say that I was so excited when the anime aired! It’s a story of Nai, a little boy in search of Karoku,  a man who later on claimed to be his owner. He meets Gareki, a teenage boy who saves him from Varuga, a monster in human form created by Kafka, hidden organization which most probably the villain of the story. The bracelet Nai uses take them to organization called Circus.

Image    Image



The story does follow the manga plot, but I think in some ways it is moving faster and a bit rush. I check on MyAnimeList this anime will only have 13 episodes *WHY???* *flails*

So I don’t think the anime will cover the manga, but I’m curious how the ending would like to be. Oh and that Ono Daisuke voices Hirato just gets me thrilled! The voice cast is also the thing that made me anticipated this anime so much. I’ve never heard the drama cds of Karneval before, I may give it a shot.



Honestly, I just watched this series two or three days ago and guess what, I LIKE IT!

It ‘s a comedy fantasy about Demon King and must leave the underworld after being beaten by the heroine and live on earth as a human. Unfortunately he has to make a living and works as fast food restaurant employee!

hataraku maou-sama op scene

devil maou-sama


hms3 omg his smile

So far I like the story plot and how it goes. Maou-sama lives his human life, working, and will turn to help humans *I assume*.  As for the romance, I don’t know. Maou seems to be feelingless, or at least, he doesn’t seem to have any interest with the girl who has crush on him, Chiho. But I won’t say anything anymore, the series still on going. I’ve noticed Ohsaka Ryota since Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and this time as a main protagonist, I have much interest on him hahaa



Okay, this one, I have to tell the reason why I’m following this series. It’s because of Suzuki Tatsuhisa!!!!! There, I said it.

I never watch the first season, because I was not interested with this kind of shoujo anime. I do have HUGE crush on Suzuki Tatsuhisa and when I googled him he casted in this anime I went asdfgjklhfdsfds I GOT TO SEE THIS!!!!

The story continues with the protagonist Nanami Haruka as a professional composer in Saotome Academy with STARISH. They have to gain knowledge about showbiz from their seniors.

utapri op scene

utapri starish


utapri seniors

I always love movies connected to music or entertainment stuff, so I quite like it. Plus, this anime is an eye candy! Ikemen all over~

I wish there would be more seniors scenes because Suzuki Tatsuhisa roles as one of the senior and he uses his deep voice! HHHHHHHNG *squeals*


So that is my short review on 3 animes I’ve been weekly followed. Oh, and there’s still RDG: Red Data Girl but I haven’t catch up the latest episode so I don’t review it. Perhaps later!

And there’s one anime that first I had so much interest but after seen the first ep I was terrified and still haven’t got any guts to see the rest.

It’s Shingeki no Kyoujin.

I was excited because in MyAnimeList it listed as action fantasy and I thought ‘oh I should give this a try’. And then I watched it and it was okay until the titans showed up and the whole breaking and entering scene got me. Not to mention that eating scene oh I don’t want to remeember it anymore!

So yeah, I discontinue that one for the time being.


Hope it helps or gives you a slight storyline of these 3 animes. I’d like to watch more animes, but not till I finish my graduating paper!

Has anyone listed spring or summer animes? Some recommendations would be great ^^



Have a great Monday!



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