Minnie’s Random Rant

I haven’t done anything right lately.
I’ve been reading and browsing and still, I haven’t made the right analysis of my graduating paper.
And yet, I lack of sleep these days.
Being a senior student I can’t say it’s easy. I mean, working on graduating paper and just stay in dorm for days and weeks are really not my thing. I like going out just to chatting with friends, but they always say they’re busy with their GP so they choose to stay in dorms.
So I go out alone and think that there’s no point in hanging out alone.
I’m forever alone, ha ha.
So this weekend when I was not really productive in doing my GP, I ran on some beauty blogs. I’ve been concerning my skin these days, since I lack of sleep and get stressed easily, my skin becomes dull and breakouts anywhere. And the bags under my eyes are horrible. I read some blogs to get my skin better and carefully take care of it.
This comes to my mind: I’ve becoming more interested with skin care products and makeups.
I searched and browsed and get more infos about treating face, choosing skin cares and doing makeups.
I’m a girl afterall and yes i’ve been drown myself in makeups and skincares ever since I was in middle school and always love to try new ones. It’s like I can’t have just one thing.
I don’t know whether I want to make a beauty blog or not,let’s see if I can do that in the near future.

Pardon me ranting, I just feel like I must writing something here but I haven’t got any chance to make anime review, so here I am, writing randomly m(_ _)m


Have a nice weekend!
Keep the spirit to fight Monday! (*^▽^)/




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