Recent Favorites…

It’s been a while!

I’m really sorry, but I’ve been working on my proposal thesis and lots of things to do. I’m preparing myself to face my senior year in college and working part-time, so i missed writing here many times. I’ve always wanted to write some reviews of animes, but in the end I also don’t have a chance to see them.

Gawd, I miss having free times and only watching anime o(โ•ฅ๏นโ•ฅ)o


Recently I started to like drama cds a lot. It started around six months ago (I guess, I forgot), when I first encountered with Shukan Soine drama cds. I was interested by the drawings, ikemen that would accompany you to sleep? I should giveit a try.

And then that, I’ve became a fan of Shukan Soine series.

And now, I’ve been searching for many drama cds, especially the ones with dummy head mic recordings. OH OH OH My inner goddess has made me unhealthy mentally. More over with those seiyuus’ voice right in my ears, I may have gone asdfjkfdssckldsdsdfds *fangirl screams*

Even some of them haven’t been translated (my Japanese is very poor) yet I enjoy them since I will look for drama cds by my fave seiyuus before I find out the plot.

Here is a list of drama cds I have listened:

– Double Scores series (not all, only several volumes)

– Shukan Soine series (also several volumes)

– Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa (MY FAVE vol 2, 4, and recently 5)

– Kuroko no Basket

– Honeymoon series

– Anata ga ofuro de Noboseru series

– Amemakura

– Do-M Club

– Lovers Only

– KissXKiss series

– Neko Danshi

– Ouritsu Ouji Gakuen

– Diabolik Lovers

See, most of them using dummy head mic! I’m so DJKBDSDHDFDSDFDSFDSSS

I’d love to know other series, and been searching any reviews of drama cds.

So, that’s it. My recent favorite is nothing but drama cds. Maybe it’s because I haven’t updating my anime list lately, and drama cds I can put in in my android phone. But I think I need iPod with bigger storage memory to keep them all there! *LOL*

Hopefully I’ll write more near the future!



2 thoughts on “Recent Favorites…

  1. wasurenagusa18 says:

    Hi, I’ve become a new fan of drama CD since september so I understand you so well, when you don’t have enough time to listen these. I can only listen in the night because my job, and is like “I just can listen one cd and which one I would choose?”. I really love Wasurenagusa (my favs are vol. 1, 2 and 5), Shukan soine, Diabolik lovers, Amemakura, Kuroko no Basket, Kissxkiss, Lovers only, Kindan vampire and Starry sky, maybe you can try and listen the last two, specially Kindan vampire is so good!.

    • Minnie says:

      Same here, I’ve been really busy but my obsession over drama cds sometimes killing me *lol*
      I’ll check about Kindan series and Starry Sky. Thanks for the recommendation!

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