Inspired by A Song

I was listening to this song when the idea to write a story abruptly came to my mind. So here it is, I hope you enjoy reading this story.

PROMISE OF A LIFETIME  a song by Kutless

Part I

I pack my things—–some clean shirts and pants, undies, toiletries, and some snacks into my giant Jansport bag pack. It seems bigger than its shape now, but at least I have my things composed inside. Angie knocks on my door and goes inside.

“Are your bags done?” she asks.

I nod, get my zipper’s bag and finish it. She walks closer to me, she looks pale in her white cotton dress covered by a royal blue cardigan. I’m asking myself, how can I leave my fragile little sister? Moreover, she has been sick since three days earlier. Her fever went up last night and I got to get her Paracetamol to reduce her fever. She gets better this morning but today I have to register to the Army and start my training soon.

“I’m gonna miss you, Mike,” she says softly, helping me carrying my bags.

She looks at me, frowning. I can’t stand it when she looks at me with that kind of puppy-face, makes me wanna do anything she asks me to.

We have been living only the two of us, after car crash killed our parents four years ago. I was seventeen and she was twelve when they were gone, and I decided to make a living with Angela. Back then I was devastated, but somehow I managed to survive in order to make Angie happy, although we don’t have parents. Aunt Lenny and Uncle Joe, also some of relatives often help us with living expenses. I’m too embarrassed to take their help but they told me they would get mad if I didn’t take it. They help us sincerely without thinking bad for us. That is what I say as ‘real family’. Sometimes they came to see us too. And Angie is always happy to have them in our apartment. She likes to have people around, though.

Angie will stay at Aunt Lenny and Uncle Joe’s house when I join the Army, so I don’t have to worry about her much. Mark will also help me to check upon her, they’ve been dating for twelve months. It is quite a long time for Mark, since he’s my best friend and he was known as a playboy when we were classmates. He had a huge crush on Angie and asked me anything related to her. I rejected him of course, because I didn’t wanna any guy hurt her, and Mark was somewhat jerk. But then he showed me how much he care about her and after six months, I approved his confession toward Angie.

“You’ll be fine,” I smile. I kiss her forehead and go downstairs.

Aunt Lenny, Uncle Joe, and Mark are there in the living room, waiting for us. They all decide to take me to bus station and send me away. At the bus station, they say me farewell and hug me tight. Only Angie doesn’t do that.

“Hey, won’t you give your big bro a hug?” I chuckle and open my arms in front of her.

She pouts yet she comes to me and hugs me. I beg she’s going to cry now, she usually does it. I don’t care if she wets my shirt, I want to hug her. Her skin is warm from her fever that still last since last night. I feel like leaving her will be a huge mistake I do. She releases her tiny body from my arms and looks at me gently.

“Send me a letter, okay? Once a week,” she says. I’m not sure whether I can do that or not, but I nod.

“You’re coming home soon, right? You should tell me when you will go home. I’ll be waiting for you here.” She cries soundlessly and hugs me for the last time.

Ever since our parents passed away, this is the first time I leave her alone. Why do I feel so hard to leave her? I know she may be upset because I am her only guardian for four years. But even at first she didn’t want me to join the army, at last she said I should live on my dream. It is what I want yet I don’t want to leave her. She wipes her tears and finally smiles at me. “Good luck, soldier.” I get on a bus, and seeing them before its move. Angie stares at me sadly and about to follow my bus. I see her until she’s gone from my sight. I feel a bit pain in my chest. I can’t believe leaving my sister can be this hurt.


to part II! I hope you still hope for more



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