My Latest Obsession

Recently, I’m starting to watch lots of anime (Japanese cartoon) right after holiday. It is not a big surprise, since I’ve been enjoying anime since I was five or six years old. Now there are many genres of anime with good quality and High Definition, makes me want to see more!

Here are some anime I enjoy to watch every week. Well, I try to update it since in Japan they are still airing and many anime sites provide online streaming 🙂

from left  to right: Daily Lives of High School Boys, Gintama x Sket Dance, Beelzebub (cr: Tumblr)

Daily Lives of High School Boys

The story is mostly around  three  high school boys who study in high school for boys and their daily lives as teenagers. Together they do things they like after school, like come over to one house and another, chatting about comics, playing game as if they’re demonstrating their own adventures, doing part-time job, or even getting a girl. It is a daily comedy which we can find in our daily life. Simple and natural story brought by this anime and it is quite hilarious. I might say what they’re doing is silly but really, this anime wipes away my bad mood. I can laugh during the show in my dorm room and my friends think I’m insane.


Okay, this is my number one favorite. Three people work as a helper called Yorozuya. Yorozuya 万事屋 literally means ‘house of 10,000 business’ (cr: gintama wikia), but mostly they’re doing odd jobs like repairing ceiling, look for a cat, even buy game consoles for their clients. Every characters in this anime has their own personalities and flaws, yet it makes them more ‘human’ rather than being perfect all the time. The show has been airing for about six years up till now with six seasons and still continuing. Usually in the end of season they will have recaps of the whole episode with style like a talk show. Okay, it is hard for me to explain more. You have got to see yourself so you will know what I mean.


The story of this one is kind of rare, but it does not make this anime bad or anything. In fact, Beelzebub is one of the most favorites anime in Japan. We all know Beelzebub is a kind of demon, and yes, this anime is also about Demon who wants to destroy all mankind. The baby is actually the Beelzebub, the one who will burn the earth into fire. The Demon King leaves him on earth to get a human raises him and make Beel becomes a great Demon. He is found by a delinquent high school student named Oga. Now Oga has the responsibility whether he would raise baby Beel to be bad or to be good. His life changes with baby Beel is now part of his life and family. Although the story seems heavy, the comical and behavior of Oga in raising baby Beel is always funny and touching. I wonder what baby Beel will be, by having Oga the delinquent as his father.

There are many anime I want to write more, but I guess these three are my favorites so far. I’ll write more from now on, and I hope you will enjoy! Have a nice day!



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