1st Assignment

1. Creative writing is a written text in any kinds of genre, whether it is fictional or non-fiction, poetry, but not linked in journalistic or professional writing.

2. Since I love reading I’ve been reading many creative writing such as novel, poem, and short stories. I have once written some kind of lyric for a friend and also a poem, back in high school.

3. I think writers are made, because everyone can write, but I don’t think anyone can write properly. You can write but you don’t have any discipline or strong will, your work will not finish. Writing requires will and also support from others. On the other hand, I think some also born to it. Like a person who is just love writing, he or she would just writing and writing yet it could make people interested, they might have natural talent as a writer.

4. Writing affects my daily life since academically, I should like writing for any assignments, like papers, essays, and later graduation paper. Yet I love writing stories, or simple lyrics and poems.

5. The purpose of the creative writer in modern society is to connect people. As for me, by having something in common can make me communicate with others all around the world, since we love the same book (i.e. Harry Potter).

6. Yes, I will continue to write creatively since Iย  would like to be an author. Probably I’ll start writing in English when I make a short stories or lyrics or poems.


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