Perfecting home be like…


Maybe I’m not the right person to talk about decorating houses, as I have never been really the one to be responsible in decorating. Well, I did help long time ago, but when we redecorated the house, I was away, studying college outside town and my mother was sort of told me this and that and voila! She did quite an excellent job to make our house feel brand new. I’m still living at my parents’ house, though they moved to another one in a slightly countryside and way remote than my current residence.

But hey, home is where you always go back to, no?

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Pink-Black Duo

After a while, I finally came to visit L’Oreal booth.

I think the last time I went to get L’oreal makeup was 2 years ago, when I tried the famous True Match foundation but I ended up giving it away since it didn’t work out for me or because I used to be bad in applying foundation. Hence, I never went to the booth again until recently.

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A dream of Dream Space…

Some time ago I received a very nice message asking me about my dream space. A dream vanity, to be exact. As I am now partly beauty blogger, of course I want my personal beauty space where I can modify, if I’m not being so busy surviving my job or fangirl over K-drama stars (yes I mean you, Ji Soo-ssi ^///^). I think it’s time to write something about my dream makeup vanity, my own personalized space where I can get more ideas and be more productive in writing both blog and stories. Because believe me, every blogger or writer needs one.

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Feeling cute! This blusher makes me super kawaii

Who else is a sucker for cute makeup?

April and May were hella months for me since my office moved farther than our old one and I got less schedule than I usually had. It wasn’t easy, but I managed somehow. I took a little break from writing blog but found myself finished a chapter of my fanfiction. I came back almost a year I left the story hanging lol

But worry not, I have some blogposts coming up after this one.

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