[Review] Wardah Renew You Treatment Essence: friendly local Essence that saves you some bucks

Talking about skincare to the next level.

As I told you before in my previous post–or probably instagram, I don’t remember ^^ I added essence into my skincare since I have been learning to use Korean 10 skincare steps. I have yet to try Korean essence since I didn’t use essence that much lately since I tried some serums which can be used directly onto clean face or after toner.

So today I bring you a local-brand essence that won’t break your bank! And I will try my best to explain it in Indonesian.

Read my thought after the jump!

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Best of July

At last it is the end of July and here I am, present you beauty favorites I have been using in the month of July. I purchased so many products around June and July and mind you, I put some products to the test behind the scene ha ha~

In this month’s favorites I have so many things I want to share with you. Some are makeups, skincare, and perfumes I have been enjoy wearing. I should probably include book favorites but not much reading I did last month…if fanfictions count, then–? LOL nope, not this time.

So let’s start!

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[Review] Son & Park Beauty Water


Doesn’t the name sound very enticing?

Man, I always go for everything that looks like it’s going to do some magic to my skin. Because seriously, though. If you watch Korean dramas, you’ll see the actors–either they are young or senior actors (specially the ladies), they seem to have found the secret to glowing, poreless skin everyone’s dying to have. I don’t know is it because the weather they live in or they do have beauty secrets. The Korean stars look flawless on screen. Perhaps the makeup? I heard Jamsu technique will keep your makeup stay matte all day… Or do they have special effects to blur pores and discoloration in one go?? Who knows. I hope someday someone will tell me the secret to beautiful skin that doesn’t need needles or fillers to achieve. I’m okay with

So when I finally, finally did some readings on Korean Skincare cults, I determined to try the famous Beauty Water from Son & Park.

The multi-tasking water is here for Polar to review.

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[Sponsored Review] V10 Plus Peeling Gel and Anti-aging Serum Set

[Disclaimer: These products are sent to me for review purpose only. My review is based on my experience using the products]

2 weeks ago I received a package sent from V10 Plus. They kindly sent the products for me to review and I happily tried it since I have been wanting to try the serum which raved by so many people–my favorite bloggers used it too. SO here is my thoughts on V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Gel and V10 Plus Anti Aging Series Serum.

Heavy pictures alert 😀

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[Review] Sleeping with Laneige Water Sleeping Mask


I am back to the Korean skincare game!

I have plenty to try out and caaaan’t wait to give you my thoughts on them. You may not know it, but I used to be a firm believer of Korean skincare and makeup–this you know ^^– long before I started writing reviews. I stopped using them since I wanted to try local skincare which are waaay affordable. Idk, maybe I was so used to Korean skincare and my skin kinda craved great ingredients (weird lol) so I purchased a few Korean skincare products. First things first, today I’ll talk about the highly raved and very much liked, Laneige Water Sleeping Mask.

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Perfecting home be like…


Maybe I’m not the right person to talk about decorating houses, as I have never been really the one to be responsible in decorating. Well, I did help long time ago, but when we redecorated the house, I was away, studying college outside town and my mother was sort of told me this and that and voila! She did quite an excellent job to make our house feel brand new. I’m still living at my parents’ house, though they moved to another one in a slightly countryside and way remote than my current residence.

But hey, home is where you always go back to, no?

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Loving my current Summer scent!

Eid Mubarak holiday is way over weeks ago and I went back to my routine. Work!

I was worried because I wanted to get other jobs for a better future *for me* but apparently, looking for a suited job isn’t easy….so I’m still doing my current work–teaching.

But worry not! I’m still making blogposts and today imma share with you my current favorite perfume from The Body Shop.

My thoughts on White Musk L’Eau is after the jump!

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